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Case Study: Fully Transparent LED Media Glass



Jae Choi

A Perfect Solution for A Historical Landmark Renovation

G-Glass enables the next property revolution by allowing buildings to turn into huge media devices without having to sacrifice transparency. While some benefits of transparency are obvious, like enabling natural sunlight and unobstructed views, there are some benefits of transparency that can go unnoticed. Take the first ever architectural installation in America, at Boston Emerson Colonial Theater, for example.

The building owners wanted to install LED digital signage onto the exterior façade of their building. They ran into problems when the Landmarks Commission of Boston would not allow them to install any LED display products that disrupt the historical aesthetic of the building. The owners explored many LED options from opaque LED screens, to LED bars, and LED mesh, but none of the options were approved, due to the aesthetic disruption that the hardware of these LED display products would cause.

G-Glass was the ONLY solution the Landmark Commission approved due to the full transparency of G-Glass not disrupting the historical aesthetic of the building. About 150 square feet of our P40 product (40 mm pixel pitch) was installed in front of existing windows on the exterior façade, still allowing the existing windows to maintain their transparency and real estate value.

During the day, when G-Glass is turned off, the beautiful, historical exterior façade is still fully preserved. At night, when G-Glass is turned on, the theater is able to display a full range of multimedia video and graphics. It’s important to note that for exterior installations of G-Glass, LED media display is not recommended for daytime visibility, although there are some conditions that would allow for daytime media visibility like cloudy, overcast weather, or shaded conditions.

There are many benefits to transparency and LED media display for building owners. G-Glass is the only solution that can give you FULL transparency AND limitless media and interactive display capabilities.