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Design and build any interior or exterior architectural glass applications with G-Glass.

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Learn more about our innovative transparent led glass product and capabilities.

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Rent our warehouse showroom for events and productions.

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The Future of Media Architecture – Transparent LED Glass

We are the exclusive creators of G-Glass, the world’s first ICT transparent led glass building material, which combines three unique qualities all in one product:

  • 99.7% Transparency
  • LED Digital Media and Interactive Display
  • Construction-Grade Glass

It is now possible for buildings to transform into infinite media devices without compromising transparency and building aesthetics. Design and build with fully-transparent, architectural glass that can create new revenue streams, transform into a digital art canvas, broadcast real-time events, or become an interactive experience through sensors and smartphone connectivity.  Transparent LED glass is changing the retail and corporate environment. The next generation of our architectural transparent led glass leads the way..



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Enabling the Next Property Revolution

G-Glass is the perfect canvas for your imagination, whether you’re a developer, interior designer, or an event planner. Learn more today. Fill out the contact form and one of our experts will be in touch with you.

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